Last updated: 29/01/2022

Covid-19 has certainly challenged us and we hope that this will not be too much of a change for our client’s dogs.

            Changes we have made...

  • All clients from a household where there is a case (or symptoms) of Covid-19, or who is self-isolating, should NOT attend the centre. Late cancellation will not incur a charge.

  • All Clients will be required to wait in their car for the duration of their dogs session.

  • Screening has been installed along one side of the pool to allow owners to view their dog's session safely (following discussion with the therapist).

  • All surfaces and equipment will be disinfected after every session.

  • Only one person may hand the dog over in the gated area, please wear a mask and respect social distancing.

  • We are allowing more time between appointments thus preserving the “one client at a time” concept, to support social distancing and allow us plenty of time to sanitise the centre between each client. 

  • Dog’s collar and lead/harness must be removed by owner and a centre slip lead will be placed on your dog by a member of staff. Fencing has been installed at the front of the centre to safe guard your dog from straying in the car park, please close the gate behind you.

  • Staff members will be wearing PPE (face mask) so please, if you can, allow your dogs to see you in a mask. This will mean they will be less concerned by our appearance when they arrive at the centre.

            What to expect when you arrive...

  • Please wait in the car until a staff member comes to greet you.

  • The handover of your dog will take place outside in the fenced area. Ideally both owner and therapist will wear a face mask, thereby reducing the risk of airborne transmission.

  • The gate to the fencing will be unlocked, please come in and shut the gate behind you. Remove collar and lead from your dog and a centre owned slip lead will be placed on your dog.

  • Your dog will then be taken into the centre and the usual routine will be carried out.

We are more than happy to treat dogs without the owners being present.

When the weather is warm we will open the shutter at the front of the centre to allow flowing air and you can see your dog receiving his/her treatment.


Please speak to us at any time if you have any concerns.

           Following your dog's session...



  • After your dog’s session we will return your dog to the fenced off area outside to allow you to put a collar and lead back on them for safety.

  • We ask that you put your dog in your car and towel dry them away from our centre. (For safety reasons we are not allowed to dry your dogs as we usually would)

  • Please remember to keep them warm after their session, as we do not want to undo all their hard work.

  • Payment can be taken by bank transfer or card machine.

           Impact of chlorinated water in-relation to Covid...


Scientific evidence has shown that Covid 19 has a low stability in water and is very sensitive to oxidants, like chlorine.   


Public Health England has also confirmed that 'Coronavirus is inactivated at the levels of chlorination found in swimming pools.' Anything submersed in Chlorinated water is therefore sanitised and this significantly reduces any risk of your dog acting as a transmission bridge between therapist and owner.  

We appreciate this may sound very regimented but we have tried our hardest here at House of Hydro to accommodate the new protocols for Covid-19. 

Social distancing protocols, Perspex screens around the pool and additional cleaning of high frequency touch points are among the measures we are implementing. These measures are designed to safeguard the health and wellbeing of everyone involved in your dog’s session and to instil confidence in House of Hydro. 

We would like to say a huge thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding at these difficult times and we really look forward to seeing you and your dog’s again soon.

The House of Hydro Team