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Insurance cases  accepted

Hydrotherapy is a form of non-weight bearing exercise utilising the therapeutic properties of water. Here at House of Hydro the water is maintained at the optimum temperature (28-32⁰c) and is kept clean and sanitised allowing your dog to swim and receive treatment in the perfect environment.





Hydrotherapy can be useful for many reasons, not only helping sick or injured dogs, but also building up confidence and enjoyment in the water. It will help improve a dog's range of motion and allow the strengthening of muscle mass. All cases are treated differently and the individual dog will have a different response. Some will enjoy swimming freely in the water, whilst others may simply enjoy the experience of being held and floating. The underwater treadmill allows partial weight bearing and the warm water can be a great reliever of pain and inflammation. 



Underwater photo of dog swimming in the pool at House of Hydro


  • Arthritis

  • Pre and Post surgery conditions

  • Weight loss (as part of a controlled diet)

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia

  • CDRM

  • Soft tissue injuries

  • Muscle spasm/weakness/strains

  • Neurological conditions

  • Tendon injuries

  • Ligament injuries

  • Spinal injuries

  • Fitness & Conditioning  

Individual Programme

Each dog will have an individual programme designed and tailored to their needs; allowing them to improve their range of motion, increase strength, muscle mass, flexibility and increase their cardiovascular fitness. A qualified hydrotherapist will always be in the pool or treadmill, alongside your dog, who will be fitted with a buoyancy aid until the hydrotherapist feels your dog may no longer require one. At this point in the process with us, your dog will then be fitted with a harness, enabling the hydrotherapist to support your dog when required.




  • Non-weight bearing exercise which encourages increased range of motion

  • Increased exercise tolerance

  • Stimulation of muscles through increased resistance and reduced inflammation

  • Pain relief and improved function and movement

  • Slowing of progressive or degenerative diseases

  • Improved quality of life for dogs with reduced mobility

  • Therapeutic and safe environment for treatment and exercise

  • Intensive, low-impact exercise

  • Increased speed of recovery

  • Mental Stimulation


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