"House of Hydro has been brought about by a passion and belief in the benefits of Canine Hydrotherapy"

Our purpose built 6m x 4m pool, has integrated ramps, both external and internal, together with a resting platform, all of which are covered with anti-slip matting.  The heated pool creates a relaxing and therapeutic environment for your dog to swim.  This non-weight bearing exercise can be recorded and shared with your vet, if requested. 

Introduction to water is so important. NOT all dogs can swim and NOT all dogs like water or "being thrown in at the deep end". Here at House of Hydro your dog will be introduced to the water at their own pace and encouraged by the therapist to build up their confidence.

Buoyance aids and harnesses are provided and will be fitted correctly by the hydrotherapist.  This ensures your dog’s experience within our centre is a positive and confident one.

We also have platforms in the pool with adjustable leg heights. This allows the therapists to carry out, both manual and aquatic massage treatments for individual conditions. This allows us to strengthen and support muscle groups.

For our strong, fit swimmers, we also have the option to use the jet system (only if hydrotherapist recommends). The jets can be a useful tool in short bursts for stamina building or to encourage dogs to use their hind legs. The Jet system also has a massage feature which allows the therapist to target specific muscle groups where tension or spasms may occur.

We also have a full size weighing scales for our clients who may be on a weight management programme, although all dogs are welcome to come for a weigh in.