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By appointment only and requiring a signed Vet Consent form prior to your initial consultation.

Please enquire about prices for block bookings at your Initial consultation.

Cute Happy Dog



Session time- 1h 15mins

This session is for the hydrotherapist and yourself to discuss and get to know your furry friend and their character. We will also take the time to review your vet consent form, medical history and reasons for coming to us we will conduct a gait analysis. If there are no contraindications at this point your dog will be able to have their first introduction to the water or K-Laser.


Dog with a Headache


Pool/Underwater Treadmill

Session time- 45mins 

*PEMF Included

For dogs with health condition/s including pre/post operative care. Hydrotherapy can help speed up the process of recovery and pain management. Rehabilitation sessions are for the majority of injuries including hip/elbow dysplasia, cruciate ligament injuries, osteoarthritis and many more. *Spinal and neurological/complex cases price may vary.


Dog Playing Catch


Pool/Underwater Treadmill

Session time- 30 mins

For those that do not require hydrotherapy for a particular condition. Hydrotherapy gives them a great cardiovascular workout and promotes fit, happy , healthy dogs.





Cocker Spaniel with food


Pool/Underwater Treadmill

Session time- 30 mins

For dogs who are a little over-weight, these sessions are ideal as the pounds will fall off whilst they are still having fun.


Happy Puppy with confidence


Pool/Underwater Treadmill

Session time- 30mins

For our under 6 month olds. To allow them a positive introduction to water and enable them to grow in confidence, whilst exercising without putting stress or pressure on their young joints. 


Black Dog



Session time- 15-30mins

For dogs who need support at cellular level. This clinically proven modality will help to reduce pain and inflammation. 

£35 for 3 Points 

£55 for 5 Points 

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