Last updated: 18/06/2022

We are pleased to announce one client per patient will be able to watch their dogs hydrotherapy session from Tuesday 21st June 2022.


Thank you for being so patient and continuing to support us whilst we kept the Covid-19 restrictions in place for longer than other businesses.

We are a small team of three and have been extremely cautious about making changes to our policy due to the ever changing Covid levels, alongside not being able to have free flowing air within the unit. Luckily the weather is now on our side and we will be allowing clients to watch their dogs session from behind the screens.


Many clients have also expressed an interest in continuing to stay in the car (or do shopping) and not be present for their dogs session. Some dogs actually behave better without the owners present and therefore gain the most out of their session, concentrating on what is asked of them rather than focusing on their owner.

We will support your decision either way.


Please do not attend the centre if you or any members of your household are showing any signs of COVID.

            Changes we have made...

  • All clients from a household where there is a case (or symptoms) of Covid-19, or who is self-isolating, should NOT attend the centre. 

  • Clients may choose to watch their dogs hydrotherapy session from the poolside behind the screens OR can wait in the car OR can return 45mins later.​

  • Only one person may hand the dog over in the gated area, please continue to respect social distancing.​

  • The fencing will remain at the front of the centre to safe guard your dog from straying into the car park. Please keep your dog on a lead at ALL times, we will now take your dogs lead straight from you (unless you would rather this does not get wet) and we will accept any drying coats that you wish to give us, to put on after their session.

            What to expect when you arrive...


  • Please wait in the car until a staff member comes to greet you. As the previous owner may have watched their dogs session, there may be an occasion where dogs (or cats) paths may cross and we would like to avoid this as much as we can.

  • The handover of your dog will take place outside in the fenced area. We are no longer required to wear a mask outside, this will be your choice.

  • The gate to the fencing will be unlocked, please come in and shut the gate behind you.

Please let us know if you would like to watch your dogs hydrotherapy session at this point. 

We will then take your dog whist still on their lead (unless you would prefer we use our slip lead) and will then start your dogs session on the PEMF. We ask you wait in your car for this part of the session.


  • If you have asked to watch the hydrotherapy part of the session, a member of staff will either come out and let you know we are ready or phone you when your dog session is about to begin.

  • We would then ask you to enter via the back door and remain calm whilst watching from behind the screen.

  • If you would like to take photographs, please ask the permission of the therapist.


We are more than happy to treat dogs without the owners being present and to continue with the routine the dogs have been used to.

           Following your dog's session...

  •  After your dog’s session  - If you have watched your dogs session, we will hand them to you after they have been showered via the back door. If you are remaining in your car we will return your dog to the fenced off area.​

  • Please remember to keep them warm after their session, as we do not want to undo all their hard work.

  • ​Payment can be taken by bank transfer, card machine or cash.

 Please speak to us at any time if you have any concerns.

We would like to say a huge thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding and we really look forward to seeing you and your dog soon.

The House of Hydro Team